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Health Insurance for Expats

Expats need health care cover that provides more than the typical Hong Kong health insurance plan.

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The life of an expatriate is very much different from someone who is living in the same country they were born in. Expatriates tend not to have the security blanket that being in you home country provides you with.

This can be seen in a number of areas but one of the most significant affect of being an expatriate is that you do not get preferred health care treatment at a subsidised cost.

International health insurance for expats attempts to allow expatriates with the financial, physical and emotional security they need when they are living overseas.  Most international insurance companies will allow expats to receive treatment anywhere in the World so that if they choose not to have their treatment done in the country they are posted in, they can go elsewhere.

This additional cover has made global medical insurance more expensive than the tradition Hong Kong health insurance but with NowCompare, Expats can bring down the cost of health insurance by comparing the market.

NowCompare also has some great discount of health care insurance so Expats know they are always getting the best value for money.