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With so many health insurance companies in Hong Kong, it is best to get the right health insurance advice from your insurance broker or agent.  Health insurance specialists like NowCompare should be able to tell you the main differences between the plans by providing you with a health insurance comparison of benefits and prices.

Before doing this however, a reliable health insurance consultant will carry out what we call a "needs analysis".  This is a simple set of questions that go over your own personal situation and what you are looking to achieve by buying health insurance and how much you want to spend on the cover.

With the experience of NowCompare, we can see that there are typically 3 different types of customer which includes "the major incident client", the "peace of mind client" and the "specific reason client".

The major incident client will often look for more basic cover to include inpatient treatment for major illnesses and accidents.  They tend not to want to spend a fortune on the health insurance but want to make sure that they will not be financially crippled in the event of a claim.

The peace of client is looking for most eventualities to be covered by the health insurance policy and will look to include more benefits and higher levels of cover.  In the main they will pay more for their health insurance and want to have the peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, they will be looked after and dont have to worry about it.

The specific reason client is looking to arrange cover because they know at some point they will need to use it or they will have a life event that needs to be protected.  The most frequent case of this is for pregnancy insurance where young families know that they will have a baby in the coming years and wish to have the normal cost of delivery covered but also realise that things might go wrong during this specific time and want to ensure that they have the financial support available.

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