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Health Care and Health Insurance

Health Care and Health Insurance :   Find the best and most affordable health insurance to cover any health care costs you might incurr as an expat.

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If you want to find out about health insurance and how it will protect your wellbeing and financial position as an expatriate in Hong Kong, NowCompare has all the best health insurance information online.

Health care costs in Hong Kong can be expensive so it is important that as an expatriate you have a reliable and comprehensive health insurance plan in place to cover the costs of health care.

The most appropriate type of health insurance for expats is international health insurance.  International health insurance will provide a superior level of health insurance coverage so that expats can have a health care coverage that reflects their lifestyle.

The international health insurance cover will often provide full coverage for hospital treatment and for outpatient treatment and expats can also choose to include either dental insurance or maternity insurance.

International health insurance will also be globally transferable which means that not only will an expatriate be able to receive their health care in the country of their choice, but they will also be able to carry the health insurance plan with them if they move elsewhere.