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Global Medical Insurance in Hong Kong

Global medical insurance is popular amongst expats in Hong Kong and for a very good reason.  The cost of health care in Hong Kong is high making health insurance the essential purchase.

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Expats have been known to spend a lot of time looking for the best health insurance company and the right type of cover for them and their family.

There are a number of ways that expat can find health insurance including the use of a Hong Kong broker or agent.  One of the fastest ways of comparing health insurance plans is by going online and using one of the comparison sites.

This is where NowCompare comes in; being one of the most popular expat sites and the Worlds first global medical insurance comparison site, NowCompare has a large selection of global medical insurance companies for expats to choose from.

NowCompare's specialist broker team have also negotiated some incredible discounts on global medical insurance so that they can make huge savings.