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Global Health Insurance

Global health insurance allows expats in Hong Kong to receive medical care anywhere in the World and provides higher benefit limits.

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Global health insurance is normally arranged by expatriates so that they can cover the higher health care bills that they would incurr when they go to a medical facility in the event of an injury or an illness.

Global health insurance is essential for Hong Kong expats and can sometimes be expensive if you do not compare the market through NowCompare.

Global health insurance discounts are available through the online comparison site NowCompare and can help you bring down the amount of money it costs to purchase the coverage by about 30%.

Global health insurance will often have much better benefit levels than an ordinary plan and will be sufficient to cover the increased medical bills that expats in Hong Kong can face.

Global health insurance will also feature additional added value services that you may not find on a local plan.  These can include things such as medical assistance.

Global health insurance companies are all around the World and you can find over 200 of the available covers on NowCompare.