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Expat Health Insurance Companies

NowCompare, which is the World's first international insurance comparison website for global health insurance has launched a new resource for expats in Hong Kong.

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Apart from providing Hong Kong expats with the ability to compare the best health insurance companies and their benefits and prices, NowCompare has launched a new online health insurance information centre called Expat Health Insurance Companies.

This section of the NowCompare website has been developed to provide expats in Hong Kong with an independent overview of the best expat health insurance companies in the market without reverting to their sales blurb.

Written by experienced Hong Kong health insurance brokers that are registered through Alliance Insurance Services, this health insurance support for expats has proven to be a big hit with the Hong Kong expat community.

The first health insurance companies to be reviewed include:

Expat Health Insurance Companies:  ALC Global Health Insurance

Expat Health Insurance Companies:  InterGlobal International Private Medical Insurance

Expat Health Insurance Companies:  Zurich Medical Insurance

Expats wishing to compare these health insurance plans online can also do this through the online health insurance quote system.

NowCompare, apart from expat health insurance companies, can also help people find Hong Kong Health Insurance Companies.   

What Expat Health Insurance Companies do

Expat health insurance companies provide Health Insurance in Hong Kong with the specific type of health insurance being International Health Insurance which allows for Hong Kong expats to receive a greater level of coverage than would usually be found on a local Health Insurance Hong Kong

Expat health insurance companies administer their health insurance coverage through Health Insurance Brokers and can also provide cover direct to the Hong Kong expat community.

Services Provided by Expat Health Insurance Companies

Expat health insurance companies provide a wide range of services for their clients.   One thing to recognise is that expats live within a globally mobile environment and the expat health insurance companies need to reflect this.

Traditionally, expat health insurance companies will operate on a 24/7 basis and will provide expats in Hong Kong with an emergency contact and assistance service so that no matter where they are in the World, they can receive the support that they need.

Getting quotes from Expat Health Insurance Companies

To find out the cost of Expat Health Insurance in Hong Kong is easy when a website like NowCompare is used.  This is because NowCompare has more expat health insurance companies online than any other broker or website.

To find an International Health Insurance in Hong Kong from one of the many expat health insurance companies, try out NowCompare and find out how much you can Save.