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Expat Health Care Insurance

If you are an expatriate in Hong Kong and concerned about the cost of receiving health care in Hong Kong then you should look at taking out an international insurance plan.

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International health insurance is vital for people who are living outside of the home country.  They do very much more than provide simple peace of mind; infact, not only can they protect your financial wellbeing, they could save your life.

International health insurance is different from health insurance plans in Hong Kong.  They recognise the need for higher levels of cover and also that expats in Hong Kong often will want to use private medical facilities to receive treatment rather than public hospitals.

International Private Medical Insurance companies also have additional benefits in place such as evacuation and repatriation which reflects the global mobility of the expatriate community.

In the main, you will see that international health insurance plans will cover millions of US Dollars within the policy limits so expats in Hong Kong do not have to worry about the treatment they may be receiving coming to an end because the money has run out rather than they are feeling better.