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Expat Employees' Call for Better Health Insurance is Answered

Organizations employing expats and international executives in Hong Kong can now receive higher levels of cover and service locally without having to enquire through the US or Europe.

Specialist insurance broker Alliance Insurance Services points out that the number of insurers setting up offices in Hong Kong has expanded greatly over the past two years and each one tends to target a niche. Among those insurers who specialize in cover for expatriates, the offerings range from bare bones cover of the essentials to totally comprehensive coverage with very few exclusions.

Alliance Managing Director, Mike Ramsay, said: “There is a lot of choice out there and our job is to complete a thorough needs assessment with clients and then find the policy that fits them best. Generally speaking you get what you pay for and those clients choosing the highest levels of coverage will see less exclusions on their policy for things like pre-existing and chronic conditions and smoother and quicker claims settlement.”

CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits Europe, Middle East & Asia (CIEB EMEA) which launched their products in Hong Kong this year, caters to the high-end expatriate market. Brock Judiesch, CIEB Sales Director, commented: “We offer one of, if not the best medical insurance plans available in Hong Kong. We tend to cater to senior executives and professionals who don’t have the time or inclination to worry about benefit limits, excluded conditions and waiting periods. Our members choose us because they want higher levels of service and coverage with fewer hassles and they understand this comes at a higher price point.”

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