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Nobody wants to overpay for their health insurance and with NowCompare Hong Kong expats can get cheaper health cover.

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For so many years the cost of private medical insurance was going up and up and it seemed as if this upward trend of increased health insurance costs would never end.

Thanks to Alliance Group's NowCompare system, expats in Hong Kong can make huge savings on the cost of their international health insurance with the average amount being 30%.

The first significant savings on Expat Health Insurance came with the simple ability to compare the entire market rather than just a select few put together by an insurance broker.  After this came the online discounts that NowCompare has been able to find for expats through negotiating better rates with the Health Insurance Companies.

So how does NowCompare do it?  Well, it is quite simple; by being one of the largest producers of International Health Insurance for expats, NowCompare has the buying power to drive down costs.  This ultimately means that further savings can be enjoyed by expats in Hong Kong.

Will these discounts remain?  Yes, there are no plans to eliminate the cheaper health insurance, NowCompare's commitment to providing affordable health insurance to expats is unwavering.

Finding Cheap Health Insurance

You are looking to get a cheap health insurance plan in place so that you can cover your health insurance costs whilst you are in Hong Kong.  You will be able to use one of the many Health Insurance Brokers or you will be able to go directly to one of the Health Insurance Companies in Hong Kong

To really find cheap health insurance in Hong Kong, the best avenue for getting the cover you want in place is to use the online comparison website developed by NowCompare.

Cheap Health Insurance Plans

If you want to get cheap health insurance in place, you will need to decide on whether or not you want to arrange an International Health Insurance plan or a local Hong Kong Health Insurance plan.  The cover varies between these two types of policy but so does the price.

When you use the NowCompare tool to find cheap health insurance you will be able to compare the prices between these types of cover.

If you are not an expat in Hong Kong then perhaps a local health insurance cover will work out to be cheaper, however, if you are an expatriate then you might want to choose Expat Health Insurance in Hong Kong

Arranging Cheap Health Insurance

Expats in Hong Kong that want cheap health insurance will be able to find the right health insurance cover at the most affordable prices on NowCompare.

People can save around 50% on their health insurance plan which means that the Hong Kong Health Insurance Companies that you find really will be the cheapest available to you.

Cheap Health Insurance Companies

There are many health insurance companies to select from and whether you get cheap health insurance or not will depend upon the company that you go with and also the cover that you ask for.

Use NowCompare to get cheap health insurance from the likes of Aetna Hong KongALC Global Health InsuranceAllianz Worldwide CareBupa International and DKV Globality Hong Kong

Compare Cheap Health Insurance

Get quotes and compare cheap health insurance today, it is so simple to get started and find what you want, just use the NowCompare health insurance system to get cheap health insurance for yourself and loved ones.