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Challenging the Common Myths about Health Insurance

When you're considering buying anything, it's important to consider all the information to hand and the same goes for health insurance. There are a few common misconceptions about private health insurance, so it may be worth re-considering your pre-conceived ideas before making a decision about whether a private health policy could be right for you.

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Here are a few of the common misconceptions about private medical health policies that you might want to re-consider before deciding whether private health insurance is right for you.

I never get ill: Nobody wants to think the worst but even if you're young and fit, you never know what's going to happen. If you were to become ill or injured you could have to wait a long time on the NHS or risk having to pay a large lump sum for private treatment.

With private health insurance you can rest assured that if you were to become ill you'd be treated fast and that the financial side of things would be taken care of.

I can't afford private health insurance: We all have to live within our means and that means making choices about what we spend on and areas where we can save. Think carefully before you discount private health insurance though - it's free to get quotes on policies and you might be surprised at how low the costs could be. What have you got to lose?

Additionally, don't forget to consider the bigger picture. It's unlikely, if asked, you'd say that you could afford to take lots of time off work or to pay out a large lump sum for medical treatment either. However, these things are possible and could mean a significant financial blow. Paying a small monthly sum for a private healthcare policy would mean you get treated much faster and avoid long and recurring work absences. It will also mean that should you want private treatment, the payment for your treatment is already sorted.

Private medical insurance could actually save you a lot of money, rather than being "too expensive".

I'll get treated anyway: Of course it's true that if you become ill or injured, you're entitled to treatment on the NHS. However, the system is under increasing strain and financial pressures and this can be reflected in long waiting times.

With a private health insurance policy, you'll be treated far more quickly than you're likely to be on the NHS. Additionally you'll have a lot more freedom to choose your doctor/consultant, hospital, and your time and date of appointment. You'll also have much more privacy whilst you're in hospital and comforting facilities such as your own TV and access to a phone.

Private medical health insurance isn't for everyone. However, before you make any decision make sure you have considered all the information and challenged any misconceptions.

Patient Choice is a medical organization providing cost-effective private health plans for individuals and businesses in the UK. For more information visit the Patient Choice website.

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