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Bupa International

Bupa International is a specialist health insurance company that provides global medical insurance coverage to expats.

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Bupa international is the international private medical insurance division of Bupa and supports expats by providing international health insurance.

Bupa is one of the most well known and financially secure of the expat health insurance companies and is a popular choice for Hong Kong expats.

One of the key areas in which Bupa International excels is in its ability to provide expats with quality health care services which are administered both in house and by outsourcing to health insurance service providers such as International SOS.

Bupa is a global insurance company and Hong Kong expats will have the ability to choose from Bupa Asia and Bupa International when they are in Hong Kong.  Ultimately, both Bupa Asia and Bupa International are part of the Bupa group of companies, however, if you are a Hong Kong expat, you may be better off taking a closer look at Bupa International.

Bupa international is managed out of Europe, but does have an office in Hong Kong.