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If you need a broker agent to help you find global medical insurance then NowCompare will show you the best health care providers in Hong Kong.

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In Hong Kong their is actually no specific designation of broker agent; their are brokers and their are agents and they provide different services within the same insurance industry.

A broker represents the general public to find health insurance and will be able to compare the different health insurance companies for you whereas the agent is appointed by the insurance companies to represent them.

As an Alliance Group company, NowCompare would carry out the function of a broker rather than an agent.  This broker aspect of NowCompare can be seen by the results table of the website.  NowCompare will show hundreds of health insurance companies and expats in Hong Kong can pick the best one that they feel reflects their needs.

Today, many of the best health insurance companies are on NowCompare including the likes of Bupa International, InterGlobal, William Russell, ALC Health and Zurich Medical Insurance.