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It is great to receive discounts on the best medical insurance plans.

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It wasn't too long ago that Hong Kong expats had no choice but to go and meet an insurance broker or insurance agent to get health insurance quotes.

Today, expats have a much quicker way of comparing the best medical insurance in Hong Kong and that way is through NowCompare.

NowCompare is about the NOW and Hong Kong expats are able to navigate the simple quoting system to have the prices of over 200 health insurance plans in less than a minute.

Once all of the plans appear on screen, expats can read all about any of the plans they are interested in by just clicking on "more details".

More details reveals a whole lot of information about the health insurance company, highlights of the plan, benefit details and a summary of the coverage and also what their customers have said about them.

Visitors to NowCompare are then able to choose from one of three options.  They can either save their quote, email details or buy the cover.