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A Review of Recent Health Insurance News Part 1

NowCompare, the premier international health insurance comparison website not only can help you find the best health insurance quotes, but also provides valuable articles on the subject of health insurance & medical insurance.

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Here is a recap on some recent health insurance news that you might of missed:

Health Insurance Advice :  This article describes the types of cover people look for and gives information and advice on how they can ensure they get the cover they need.

Health Insurance Quotes :  This is a great news article about how insurance companies set their prices.  It also introduces some of the ways you can save money on you health insurance.

Why buy health insurance online :  Arranging insurance online is not a new concept, however arranging international health insurance online has never been done before NowCompare came along.

Comparing Health Insurance in Hong Kong :  Some useful tips about how you can compare the best health insurance quotes for expats.

Arranging Hong Kong Maternity Insurance :  Maternity insurance is one of the most popular types of cover for expats in Hong Kong, this article describes what you should do to ensure you get the right cover at the right price.