Interglobal provides international health insurance (also known as international private medical insurance) for expatriates, frequent travelers and international business people all over the world. They cover individuals, families and corporate or affinity groups.

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They are an award-winning provider of international health insurance based in the UK. Known for innovation, flexibility and personal approach to service and have seen great success in this competitive and growing market. Since the company was founded in 1998 there has been rapid growth and now have customers in 189 countries and ten offices worldwide, offering local support to our members in key regions.

We are specialists in international health insurance, with the infrastructure, security and expertise to give you confidence in our products and service.

The UltraCare range is their flagship and award-winning product which offers you a choice of cover options. These range from basic emergency and in-patient treatment all the way to our top private medical insurance plan which will cover you for most medical and emergency eventualities.

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