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Wealth Management :    Hong Kong expats that want to find the best information and advice can do so through NowCompare.

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Finding a trust worthy financial advisor to help expats with their wealth management is not as easy as it may sound.  In fact, some expats have fallen for the trap of trusting the wrong person or even unqualified commission only advisors and have paid the price for doing so.

Helping expats get the information they need from trusted sources is one of the main areas in which NowCompare and Alliance support not only expats but also international companies and organisations.

Today, NowCompare is widely recognised as one of the most comprehensive expatriate service providers and has been recognised through awards and in the media as providing high quality services to the Hong Kong expat community.

Through NowCompare's network of wealth management professionals, expatriates can be sure that they will be able to get the information that works towards their financial objectives, no matter their nationality or the country of origin.