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China expats looking for medical insurance for themselves and their family whilst they are living and working in China can compare the medical insurance market and get the best deals on the medical coverage.

Arranging medical insurance in China is one of the first things that an expat should do when they arrive in China.  The cost of medical care can be very high in China for expats and they will need an expat medical insurance plan in place to cover these costs.

In the main, expats will want to use a private medical facility if they get ill or are injured in China and the private medical hospitals are among the most expensive in the World.

China expats will be able to choose from either a China medical insurance policy or an international medical insurance but it is strongly advised that an international medical insurance is arranged.

International medical insurance is often also called expat medical insurance in China as it has been developed and tailored specifically for the expat community.  It is also referred to as international medical insurance because the coverage that is provided under the policy allows expats to receive their medical care anywhere in the World and also to take their medical coverage with them if they leave China.

Comparing all of the best medical insurance companies in China can be done with NowCompare's medical insurance comparison website.