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A health insurance plan is a type of insurance coverage that protects the insured person against the costs associated with an injury or an illness.

Health insurance plans are vital for expats in China due to the extremely high healthcare costs that China expats face whilst living overseas.

China expats will have a number of choices when it comes to the type of health insurance plan that they take out with the most popular choice being an international health insurance plan.

An international health insurance plan is a cover specifically for the expat community and provides China expats with some key benefits.

The primary benefit of a health insurance plan is that the cover provided is fully comprehensive and will allow expats to receive their treatment in a private medical facility.

China expats will be able to select from a number of options within their health insurance  plan including hospital insurance, outpatient cover, dental coverage and maternity insurance.

Another aspect of an international health insurance plan is that the insurance plan is international.  This has a couple of benefits which includes the fact that expats can receive treatment anywhere in the World so that they don't have to get medical care in China if they don't want to.

In addition, an international health insurance plan is globally transferable which means that China expats can take the health insurance plan with them if they were to move to another country.

Arranging a health insurance plan in China is simple and can be done by comparing the health insurance market with NowCompare.