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One of the first choices expats in China will need to make when they arrive in China is the type of health insurance coverage they want to have in place.

Their are many different types of health insurance coverage, however, it is strongly recommended that expats investigate and arrange an expat insurance or international health insurance plan.

Expat insurance is a specialist health insurance policy that has been designed specifically for the expatriate community.

Expat insurance is also known as international health insurance because the health insurance cover that they include provides international cover.  This means that China expats can elect to get the medical care they need outside of China if they want to.  It also means that if an expat in China leaves China to move to another country, they can take their expat insurance with them.

Another aspect of expat insurance is that the health insurance cover included tends to be more comprehensive than a local health insurance in China.  This higher level of health insurance coverage is also important for expats in China because the medical care that they receive will likely be more expensive.

Most expats in China, if they do need treatment, will want to receive their health care in a private medical facility.  Private health care is expensive, especially in China.  The expat insurance will allow expats to receive the care in a private hospital.