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Expat health insurance is essential for China expats because of the extremely high healthcare costs in China.

These healthcare costs for private healthcare treatment in China are among the highest in the World and without an expat health insurance plan in place the costs can be financially crippling.

What is special about expat health insurance and the reason that it is so important for expats in China is that the health insurance coverage on an expat insurance policy is considered to be comprehensive.

Expat health insurance is a specialist health insurance plan that has been developed for people who are living and working outside of their country of citizenship.  It is often known as international private medical insurance because it allows private healthcare treatment and also allows expats to receive the care that they need anywhere in the World.

In the main expat health insurance is globally transferable which means that if an expat needs to leave China to move to another country the health insurance can be taken with them.

Expat health insurance is provided by many of the well know health insurance companies but there are also some niche expat health insurance companies aswell.

The best way to compare expat health insurance in China is to use a comparison website like NowCompare.

NowCompare is the premier health insurance comparison website for health insurance in China and helps China expats get the best deals on health insurance.