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Individual Health Insurance :    Find and compare the best individual health insurance in China.

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If you are an expat in China and the company you work for do not provide you with an international health insurance plan, you will need to arrange individual health insurance for yourself.

Individual health insurance is essential for expats in China and you will not want to take the risk of going uninsured as the cost of healthcare in China is among the highest in the World.

This is especially true for expats and even more so for those that receive any kind of treatment in a private healthcare facility in China.

Individual health insurance has long been considered to be expensive but with NowCompare, the premier individual health insurance comparison website in China, the overall cost of the health insurance coverage can be dramatically reduced.

The cost of individual health insurance can be further reduced with the discounts that have been arranged by the team at NowCompare.  Average savings on individual health insurance is around 30%.

To get individual health insurance discounts, try out NowCompare and find out how much you can SAVE.