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Health Plan :    Find out the cost of health insurance and compare the best health plans for expats in Hong Kong.

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When you leave your home country to become an expatriate you must have a health plan in place to protect your health and your finances.

Receiving health care whilst living overseas is expensive, most expats will want to receive their treatment in a private health care facility which can spiral costs out of control.

This is especially true in China where the health care facilities are known for being the most expensive in the World.

In China, even the public health care facilities are expensive for expats and if a China expat does not have a health plan or can't afford to pay medical bills up front, they may not be able to even receive treatment.

With expensive health care normally comes expensive health plans, however, with NowCompare and the great discounts on health insurance, China expats can find the best health plan for them at the best price.