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NowCompare is the World's first international health insurance website and the premier provider of health insurance services to expats in China.

China expats can compare all of the top international health insurance companies in less than a minute and find the most suitable health insurance coverage for themselves and their family.

In addition to health insurance quotes, expatriates in China can get information on international health insurance in China.

NowCompare Health Insurance Information Includes:

China Health Insurance for Expats

Review the type of health insurance that is best suited to expats in China.

Health Plan

Description of and details of a health insurance plan.

International Insurance

Information on the international insurance market for expats in China.

Health Insurance Shanghai

How expats in Shanghai can compare health insurance and get the best deal on their health insurance coverage.

Private Health Insurance

Details on and need for private health insurance whilst living and working in Shanghai.

Health Insurance Plan

What is a health insurance plan and how does it help expats in China.

Healthcare Insurance

Insurance protection for any healthcare costs that you might receive.

Cheap Health Insurance

How to save on the cost of health insurance in China.

Insurance for Expats in China

What type of health insurance do expats in China need.

Insurance for a China Expat

The best health insurance for China expats.

Expat Health Insurance

Expat health insurance and the benefits that it provides to the expatriate community.

International Health Insurance

How international health insurance works and why it is needed by expats in China.

Health Insurance China Foreigners

Foreigners in China that are living and working as expats need a specialist health insurance.

International Insurance China

What is the difference between international insurance and local China health insurance.

Health Insurance China Expat

China expats can arrange a comprehensive health insurance plan whilst in China.

Health Insurance

If you are a China expat then one of the first things you need to arrange is health insurance.

Medical Insurance

What is medical insurance and how does it work.

Expat Insurance China

China expat health insurance coverage is essential medical cover.

China Health Insurance

What type of health insurance plans are available in China.


Aetna International is an international insurance company that provides coverage in China.

Health Insurance for Expats in China

Expats in China can compare all of the best international health insurance companies.

Private Health Insurance China

China expats need coverage for receiving treatment in a private health care facility.

Medical Insurance China

The most comprehensive comparison of medical insurance companies in China.

Health Insurance Companies China

All of the different health insurance companies in China.

Health Insurance China

What is health insurance in China and what options are available to the expat community.

International Health Insurance China

Specialist health insurance coverage for expats in China is called international health insurance.

Expat Health Insurance China

Which expat health insurance companies are available in the China market.

China Health Insurance for Foreigners

Foreigners in China can arrange health insurance that has been tailored for expats.

China Health Insurance Coverage

What is covered on a China health insurance plan.