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Aetna :   Aetna is one of the international health insurance companies featured on NowCompare.

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Expats in China can get quotes on Aetna and other international health insurance companies and compare their costs and coverage online.

Aetna Global Benefits is one of the largest health insurance companies in the World and is one of the most experienced international health insurance companies that specializes in the provision of health insurance to expats.

Today, Aetna has offices that provide health insurance services to expats all around the World with and office in China.

The health insurance cover that Aetna provides would be considered comprehensive with high benefit limits.  The health insurance plans from Aetna have a number of different cover levels and health insurance options.  These options include a major medical insurance plan that is also known as hospital insurance, a hospital insurance and outpatient coverage, plus options to include maternity insurance and dental insurance.

China expats that want to get quotes on Aetna can do so with NowCompare.